Sunday, 22 August 2010

Friendly Fika

When you think of Brick Lane what's the first thing that comes to mind? Ah ha, well yes, there are a LOT of curry houses, but if you make your way to the top end of the street there sits a fun little Swedish bar and grille that goes by the name of Fika.

This funky place is clad in light pine wood, with quirky ornaments and antlers. Fika means 'coffee break' in Swedish, and the name suits it perfectly. It's very chilled out, no one's in a rush, and you feel you could sit there all day. The atmosphere is incredibly welcoming and all of the staff are SO friendly!

Food wise - the menu is, well, Swedish. The drinks list is at least 4 times the length of the food. Each dish is accompanied by a drink recommendation. I was there on a deliberate detox Tuesday night, and so we didn't opt for the 'snaps' shot with our starter. But I can imagine that later on in the week it's harder to resist the friendly waiters' encouragements.

We had some yummy reindeer salami to start with (sorry Rudolph), which we didn't think tasted any different to normal salami, but hey ho, it was yummy anyway!

For main I had the vegi version of their signature dish 'planks'; a smoked oak plank with grilled mash potato, a grilled tomato and a chick pea burger. I wasn't wowed by this, but it was what is said on the tin so I couldn't really complain.

Other things I gathered; they are big on crayfish, and even have crayfish parties occasionally?! Fika's weekend brunch menu sounds delicious. Its lovely chilled out atmosphere would be the perfect remedy for a Saturday morning hangover, or fitting for a relaxed start to your weekend. There is also a lovely roof terrace which is good to know if you want somewhere to sit outside in the summer.

So when you're next in the area and feel adverse to vindaloo, I recommend you check out friendly Fika.


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