Monday, 25 October 2010

Munchies just got magical

It's the end of the night, the lights come on, and your liquid supper no longer seems like such a good idea... Last weekend I discovered one of London's gems. The perfect place to stop that tummy rumbling and ease the hangover onslaught.

Just round the corner from Harrods on Beauchamp Place is Maroush. It's teeming until the early hours with hungry party-ers desperate for the the most delicious kebabs I have ever eaten in my LIFE! Ok, this isn't hard considering I only ate my first dirty kebab about 2 months ago (disgusting), but Maroush's ones are clean, healthy, generous shwarmas and kebabs which more than satisfy your munchie craving.

There are 11 of these beauties all over London so look out for them and you won't be disappointed. And I swear their treats minimise tomorrow's hangover. 100% worth it.


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