Friday, 6 May 2011

Hello NYC :)

Wow, hello old friend. It’s been a long time… Naughty blogger. It is my grand plan to revamp Always room for pudd with the dawn of my NYC move. Since I arrived I have eaten out numerous times which is a daily affair for most Manhattanites, so goodbye wallet and waist – eek! The idea is to make the posts snappier (and better!). So here goes to food/fun blogging big apple style…

My favourite place so far has been Rye Restaurant in Williamsburg. It’s in a cool neighbourhood and the whole vibe is pretty hipster. Quite saloon-ish inside, dark paneling, long bar and candle lit tables. The food was AMAZING. Who knew scotch eggs could be so delicious? The menu is fantastically varied, and everything on it was yummy. I would say the appetizers / bar snacks were better than the mains, but my duck with morrocan couscous was great. The boys shared a 60 oz steak between them – check it out! That must have been a big mama cow. We had a delicious Sancerre too which slipped down very easily indeed!

It’s a great place to go with friends for a fun boozy dinner in a relaxed atmosphere. It almost feels like dinner at home with amazing food. Anyway, highly recommend it, and it’s just a hop and a skip from Manhattan so well worth the journey.



  1. You should really cook that steak before you eat it....

  2. Mmmm, that steak intimidates me greatly. I want some pudd.