Friday, 9 July 2010

Annabel Karmel's new book!

Annabel Karmel’s got a new recipe book out which is absolutely fantastic! Cooking with kids has never been simpler. The beautiful presentation, full of colourful photos and simple text, is SO easy to follow and will definitely catch any child’s attention.

It is a great educational tool for kids too, introducing texture, colour, hygiene and the right attitude towards nutrition - as well as teaching them how to cook! The recipe content is also fantastic with a great variety of healthy meals. All the sorts of things you’d want to eat. I also really like that is isn’t at all patronising and has some really sophisticated meals in there like lamb tagine and salmon in pastry. It encourages children that they can make proper food too, not just cookies and cakes.

Annabel Karmel instils the right attitude towards cooking and food – fun, easy and healthy. Not only for children but parents too! And it’s a great family bonding activity. I wish had this when I was a child! They look like they’re having so much fun.

I will definitely be buying this for my friend who is a mother to be. And I might just have to go over and help with the baby sitting/cooking fest!


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