Thursday, 11 March 2010

Espresso Martini

You've had a big meal, eaten too much, and are in a full on food coma... But you're going out to party and need a kick start! Hmmmm, what to do?

Order yourself an Espresso Martini! This was introduced to me at a cocktail party last week and it is definitely my favourite cocktail of the moment - a sweet chilled coffee that produces all the desired effects. You'll be bouncing up to party in no time! So here's how to make it:

Pre-chill a Martini glass

Get a cocktail mixer and pour in:
1.5 shots (37.5ml) vodka
0.5 shots of kahlua
1 shot of espresso
As much sugar syrup (gomme) to your liking

Then, shake the mixture with ice and fine strain it into the pre-chilled Martini glass. It should be a gorgeous coffee colour with a small froth on the top.

Sip and enjoy... Not for a quiet evening in. 2 or 3 of these babies will keep you buzzing all night!


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