Monday, 1 March 2010


It was my dear friend's birthday last weekend and she held a fantastic dinner at Il Pagliaccio in fulham to celebrate. This gorgeous girly is SO popular, she had not only one cake made for her, but two!!

Cake number 1 was an absolutely scrumptious carrot cake made by her sister, which suited all of those poor peeps who'd given up chocolate for lent.

Cake number 2 (displayed above) was made by our great friend and amazing cook Frederique of Frederique's catering company. A GIANT cup cake - what more could you ask for on your birthday?! I knew cup cakes are her forte, but Fred's baking prowess never looked so good.

After initial hesitance to cut up this beauteous creation, it was devoured in seconds (on my end of the table anyway)! The perfect combo of light sponge and loads of chocolately icing... Mmmm.... heaven....

Hats off to Frederique for her delicious delights! There wasn't a crumb left on our plates!


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