Thursday, 18 March 2010

Oatmeal, Dark Ginger Chocolate and Brazil Nut Cookies

I LOVE OATS! I just love them. Probably have them every day of my life now I think about it. Big fan.

So... Following my weekend challenge cook-a-thon, last weekend I made Oatmeal, Dark Ginger Chocolate and Brazil Nut Cookies. Rather good if I say so myself. Ate a bit too much of the mixture so could only stomach one actually cooked cookie (got it in time so the chocolate was still runny.... Mmmm). But it was terribly easy to make -

I used Nigella's recipe with my own addition of Dark Ginger Chocolate (Green and Blacks) and Brazil Nuts. Some tips for next time:

The mixture didn't stick together very well when I tried to roll them into balls, so I added two egg yolks to the mixture which did help a bit. So maybe don't use as much flour as she suggests. I'd say 75g instead of 100g.

I also made them WAY too big and bulky, rather than flat little cookies. This is partly because I wanted to try and get in as much choc and nuts as possible, but also because I am greedy and wanted massive cookies! But in hindsight, the ones I made were a meal in itself, so make small little balls - the size of a tangerine, and then squash them down so they are quite flat.

Apart from that this is a really quick and easy recipe, and you can add any ingredients you like in to the mix! I'm going to try peanuts and white chocolate next time!


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