Thursday, 4 March 2010


Always on the look out for fun, reasonably priced, delicious restaurants? Well search no more and welcome "Wahaca" into your life. The simple idea (always the best!) of transporting Mexican street food to Londoners has been a real hit, with 3 restaurants opening in the city in just over 2 years.

The original Wahaca in Covent Garden has a vibrant clean interior which totally complements its colourful Mexican culture and cuisine. Visitors are instantly overwhelmed by the vivacious atmosphere and busy bar, which stocks every flavour of Tequila under the sun and a deliciously fresh 'sangrita' to mix it with; tangy tomato, orange and pomegranate. Mexican take on the Bloody Mary I guess!

Tables are delved out on a first come first served basis so there is inevitably a long queue... but the yummy drinks and fun ambiance means it whizzes by in a flash. And after you're first mouthful of food, you know it's been worth the wait...

The very extensive menu ranges from tapas style plates to share, to big platters for one. There really is something for every budget and appetite. Tacos, taquitos, quesadillas, burritos, enchilladas, soups and salads... filled high with flavoursome fresh produce to wow your taste buds.

The chefs have sourced traditional Mexican ingredients and spices in quality British products. 'Mexico not a Mexican'; Wahaca is worlds away from the oily greasey dishes and dives this cuisine is often associated with. The quality of the food is really outstanding; clean, light and deeee-lish!

This brilliant buzzy eatery is utterly delicious, and as fun as it is fast. Wahaca is sure to become my staple venue.

Situated in Covent Garden, White City and Canary Wharf.

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